Our laboratory

Facilities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Catalytic Innovations has a laboratory bay, with access to fume hoods and a scanning electron microscope, at the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Fall River, MA. Our facilities feature high pressure reactors for CO2 electrolysis and hydrogenation R&D, a potentiostat-galvanostat electrochemical test station, distillation systems, and gas chromatographs.

We are fully equipped for high pressure hydrogenation, electrochemical, and materials testing, and distillation contract R&D (ASTM D6352, D2887, D86).

Fully integrated electrochemical and thermochemical reactors can be constructed on request.  

Catalytic Innovations licenses and sells patented anticorrosion technology from Yale University and has patent-pending methanol production systems that enable chemical feedstock production using carbon dioxide. 

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